Maureen N. Galloway, NJ says

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November 2018
  “Thank you” just doesn’t begin to cover what I want to say to both of you for helping me sell our house. Never did I realize when I received your flyer in my door that you both were the answer to my prayers. At that point, we had just lost the sale on our house because our current real estate agent did not know how to proceed with a “short sale.”  She said the sale was a “done deal” and that it was alright to sign a lease on a new place because we were set to close. Following her advice, we signed a two year lease and found out that our sale was not a “done deal” at all. So now we had a house we couldn’t sell and a lease that we couldn’t break. 

  That’s when you came along! You listened to my story and asked me a lot of questions about what we wanted and where we wanted to be. You researched prices in our area, how long properties were on the market and many other factors that would influence the sale of our house. You came back to me with a suggested price and a plan in order to get people to see our house and ultimately make an offer to buy our house. What you actually gave me was HOPE. You both worked tirelessly to bring people through our house and follow up with prospective buyers.  You were able to get us contract in a record time and then began the tough task of getting our bank to accept a short offer.  Again in record time you were able to secure the acceptance from the bank and get the sale of our house through the whole process with the title company, the buyer’s mortgage company as well the buyer’s real estate agent – which was no easy feat!

  There were many times through this whole process that I thought you both were too good to be true. You handled everything professionally and diplomatically.  You kept me informed and up-to-date at all times and always answered my call. You both seem more like my family than my real estate agent!

  I put the sun at the top of this page because that’s how I feel when I think of the “HD Team.”  You sold my house and brought the sun out! I felt like things were so dark before when we weren’t able to get out from under and you came along SOLD OUR HOUSE! So you see, “Thank You” isn’t enough, but I say it from the bottom of my heart – you are wonderful people and I hope many good things come your way.

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